We bust some of the myths associated with online slots

Online slots continue to be massively popular around the world, however many online games players remain somewhat sceptical about using them with many misconceptions as to how they actually work. To a large number of players, it can sometimes be hard to have trust in a free spins casino operator, however you should always remember that these online casino sites need to make sure that their slots and games are completely fair otherwise they won’t be granted a gaming licence.

Here are some of the more common myths and misconceptions associated with playing online slots.


Myth: Slot games are pre-programmed to have cold and hot streaks

Reality: It is certainly the case that online slots can go lengthy periods before paying out and it’s also true that payouts can occur relatively quickly, however this is not a feature that a developer has programmed into the slot game. It is purely down to luck, simple as that. Every spin is a completely random event and so too are cold and hot streaks.


Myth: Slots which have recently paid out likely won’t pay out again for a while

Reality: Who isn’t looking for a big jackpot win? Most players will dream of winning big although while the chances of a slot paying out a big jackpot in quick succession, it CAN happen from time to time. All slot games are built purely around random number generation, this meaning that every individual spin has the same chance of landing a jackpot as the one before it.


Myth: Playing with free spins or a bonus can lower a chance of winning

Reality: One of the best things about signing-up with an online casino is the welcome bonus, this often taking the form of free spins, a cash bonus or both. Many players hold a belief that you will have less chance of winning with a bonus or free spins, however this is totally false. As already mentioned, slot games are based purely on random number generators and as such they have no knowledge as to whether or not you are playing with a bonus.


Myth: You are more likely to win at certain times of the day

Reality: It can often appear as though your wins happen at certain times of the day, however the truth is that they actually occur at any time. Players tend to believe that their wins are more likely at a certain time or day of the week, however the fact is that this is probably due to them playing more frequently at that particular time.


Myth: Placing higher bets increases chances of winning

Reality: Whenever you play an online slot game, you will be given a choice on how much you wish to bet on each individual spin. This can be anywhere between a few pence and over £50. Many players believe that placing a higher bet means that the slot will pay out more, however that’s not the case. Quite simply, placing larger stakes will certainly return bigger wins, however the rate at which payouts occur will remain exactly the same.