Is a $50 Million Online Slot Jackpot really on the way?

It’s certainly true that online slot jackpots have reached enormous levels when compared to ten years ago, 11 jackpots having paid out in excess of £10,000,000 in the past decade or so. Indeed while these prizes might pale in comparison to the biggest Mega Millions and Powerball prizes, they have nevertheless made some gamblers rich beyond their wildest dreams.

As huge as some current slot jackpots already are, they could be set to grow enormously following the announcement by a leading gaming developer that they are to launch a jackpot of $50 Million in the next few months. This would smash all the records set by previous slot jackpots, however will it really happen?


Big Bucks

Mega Fortune (NetEnt) and Mega Moolah (Microgaming) have been responsible for paying out many of the biggest slot prizes in history, the former setting a new world record when delivering a cool €11,735,446 in 2011 and €17,860,868 just two years later. In the past few years, Microgaming’s ‘Mega Moolah’ has taken the reins with payouts of €18,915,872 in 2018 and €20,057,734 in 2019.

Hacksaw Gaming is a newcomer to slot developer circuit, however they are looking to make a name for themselves by rolling out a line of “insured” jackpot prizes of between $5 Million and $50 Million, these prizes also being listed in pound sterling and euro amounts.


New Boys 

Hacksaw have only been around since 2018, however they have gained a big foothold in the betting industry thanks to their online scratch cards. They produced their first slot – Stick ‘Em’ last year, this game revolving around a marshmallow mafia member and have since produced another popular slot in the form of ‘Om Nom’.

Neither of their two previous offerings have featured a notable top prize however and we’re somewhat sceptical as to their claims that a $50 Million jackpot is on the cards. Nevertheless they have also announced their intention to provide a $25 Million jackpot with their upcoming slot release – ‘My Lucky Number’ – and as such, it is possible that they have secured some big outside investment or loan to help them offer these massive jackpots. They certainly can’t be based on thin air!


Arms Race

NetEnt and Microgaming have offered some big payouts in the past few years while the likes of Yggdrasil Gaming and Playtech have also delivered big prizes, however none come close to the sort of jackpots being promised by Hacksaw and the possibility is that this will prompt some kind of arms race for bigger and better top prizes.

We can only wait and see.